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I think it’s sad that I know every anime being referenced here.

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Finally finished all of GITS: Arise!

It really does make a great prequel, mostly because you get to see everyone act… younger, before their prime.

Motoko’s more hotheaded, Saitou is lazy and just wants to get paid, Batou keeps challenging for leadership of the team, etc.

It’s all these little things that make it a fun watch, while maintaining the exact same, sophisticated cyber-war-political driven stories that made SAC so good.

It might feel a little too familiar, but tbh I’m just happy to have more GITS in my life.

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Everyone’s a scrub in the eyes of Toph

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Tbh getting to watch an Imagine Dragons concert live really is the best icing to have on top. :]

Edit: They never actually sang the song “Warriors” that they made for the game… LMAO

EditEdit: Oh apparently they did it in OPENING ceremonies which I missed. DERP~

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LoL World Championships Finals, LIVE


It’d be cool to see Royal win but Korea’s Korea. *shrug*


Former Ghibli animator Hiroshi Shimizu will be the animation director of canadian “Urbance” TV series.
But the project still need support on Kickstarter :

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Giving it a whirl, out of respect for Rooster Teeth ;]

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Everything changes. In time.

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Season 5’s here and my ship is sailing smoothly.

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New “Battle Angel Alita” manga this October!



News - Starting this October in Japan, Yukito Kishiro’s latest chapter in the Battle Angel Alita (aka GUNNM) saga will continue with GUNNM: Kasei Senki (aka Battle Angel Alita: The Martian War Chronicles) in Kodansha’s “Evening” Magazine. The story will center around Gally (Alita) going to Mars to try to learn more about herself. Since it was just announced in Japan, no official word on an American release yet.

My favorite manga of all time, getting another sequel series!

Have any of you even heard of it? :O

Quirkilicious (Drake Tsui) on deviantART.

I just noticed my DA hit over 2 million page views recently and I also got a DD on that Reboot piece!

I’m not sure how much of that traffic has come from tumblr BUT THANKS GUYS <3