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i am very sory i typed that as a title wait
did i type that did i even send that HOLY SHIT ITS ONLY BEEN LIKE 2 minutes since that last thing i thought that you dont think i said
like i am so high right now and i feel like im boring? what shoulf i tag this as because i am going back in time i…

My friend getting high for the first time

My artist alley table @ Fan Expo Vancouver!

A few League cosplays today :]

I’ve had Kasugai gummies for awhile now but this is the first time I’ve had the Ramune flavor and it’s SOOOO GOOOOOOOD


met up with my bros quirkilicious and andreatamme and went fo ramen! gunna go to fanexpo tomorrow you guys should stop by their booth for sweet art if u going too

Yes I always look that good

Welcome to Hongcouver

Phat stack o’ prints ready to go!

@ the printers prepping for Fan Expo Vancouver~

In my perfect world

Motorcity wasn’t cancelled and Bravest Warriors aired episodes more frequently.


Your Opal is AMAZING!! Seriously, I cannot stop staring. I'd love to buy a print of it, is that possible on ink blazers? I've looked and can't find an option for that. AWESOME, awesome work!!

Asked by dylain

Hey Dylain, thanks I’m glad ya like her :]

Usually I just tell people I sell my prints exclusively at conventions but if you’re desperate I do have most of my stuff up on SOCIETY 6 , the prices I have to set on there are just a lil’ high :S

We, are the~ by Quirkilicious

I was kinda torn between doing Pearl’s new outfit or her old one :<

Avengers n’ shit are cool but as far as comics go I’m a bigger X-men fan.


I think this was a really good way to “get rid” of young/past-Cykes.

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