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Ah, it’s finally here!

I think I’m one of the few who was getting awfully tired of Matt Smith and was really excited to see Capaldi take the helm.

I guess it was prudent of them to address the whole “dashing young man” to “old guy” transition almost immediately. Although I wonder how many fans were seriously effected because the protagonist was no longer “conventionally attractive”

Anyway really loving it so far, can’t wait for more! 8D

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Saaaaaaaad news for SIN fans this month

Looks like between Anime Revo and Fan Expo Toronto Chapter 47 will have to wait until September.

On a happier note, I’ll most definitely have the cover for Volume 5 done that month as well!

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I finally had the pleasure of finishing Gundam Unicorn. It really is one last, awesome, full-circle hurrah for Universal Century fans.

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Shredding it at Anime Revo!

Can I just say your art is amazing. I love it all

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Thanks dude! Means a lot when fans take time to send notes :]

Dear Riot,

fix your servers so I can get Gold. :|

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Something I want to finish for Anime Revo this weekend but between printing, packing and flying I’m not sure it’s gonna happen :|


i49 - TF2 Fragumentary

In August 2013, 36 teams travelled from around the world to compete for the chance to be crowned as world champions. The community raised over $20,000 to send the best teams from their respective regions to battle it out over the 3 day event. The teams competing included; America’s High Rollers Gaming, Australia’s Team Immunity as well as Europe’s Epsilon eSports, Team Cooler Master (formerly Broder) and Team Infused. 

The i49 TF2 Fragumentary takes you on a journey through Team Fortress 2’s biggest LAN Tournament ever, Insomnia49. If you enjoyed this Fragumentary please consider supporting CUBE and BoneS by getting the silky smooth HQ version (60fps and not compressed by youtube) plus 16 uncut interviews all for $5!

Not gonna lie, I’d watch eSports over real Sports any day. This is a really nice recollection of the latest Insomnia for TF2.

Was really stoked to see Epsilon face HRG in the GF, AH WELLLLLLL

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I could use some new Mindy Project right about now.

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While I agree that it is embarrassing for the US, it's not like the president can legally do a whole lot with the way our justice system is set up. If he acts, he's going around the Senate and Congress, regardless of how badly it needs to be done, people will call him out. But at the same time, him taking the neutral stance and being forced to say "my hands are tied," still catches him flak, because then people are just going to be like what the hell Obama? You don't do anything for your country

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Lmao, Whoa dude hold your horses, I’m not blaming Obama from a managerial standpoint or his inability to act upon the situation. (Although frankly, I was kind of curious what the Federal gov was doing about the thing)

I meant Obama getting elected as president supposedly symbolized a new level of racial tolerance in the States, but the entire Ferguson event seems to have stemmed from a debacle with racist origins.

It’s getting labeled as “White cops vs Black community”

The whole segregation theme this season is even more relevant, what with the Ferguson shenanigans. :|

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