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Leona Saving Ahri (x)

A New Dawn came out while I was at SDCC, I just saw it now @_@

I laughed pretty hard when no one peeled for Draven as Rengar just facerolls him xD

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Trying to enjoy Sailor Moon Crystal but…

The stiff, awkwardly proportioned, constant “pretty faces” are kind of killing it for me. It all looks dated and not very appealing. 

Obviously I get that it’s more loyal to the Manga but my god… I miss the squash and stretch animation.


Also the 3D transformation. No. Just no. :|



it keeps happening

too good

dis dandy tho

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Original “Alternate Dandy crews” concept designs from Season 2 Space Dandy Premiere.

Catching up on SD!

I finally found a cartoon that’s comparable in quality to Venture Bros. (Bob’s Burgers is pretty close too.)

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Will you have volume 5 of SIN at Fan Expo?

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Y’know, that’s a really good con to have it debut! But I’m not sure if the printers would be able to get a job done that fast and shipped to me at this point. I’ll inquire about it now!

More sketches, I can’t get my proportions right on paper… Lol

Ash + Pika
Dragonslayer Vayne
Spellthief Lux

spatsula and reaill! They made things for you!

Some of my many SDCC sketch commissions! Getting a lot of these here @_@

N52 Harley
Ben Reilly
2099 Spidey
All New Jean Grey


So I managed to track you down after seeing your stall at the London Film and Comic Con, and I just wanted to say I absolutely love your artwork. I wanted to buy some, but at that point I had run out of money :-/

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Hey thanks and no worries! I’m very familiar with the wallet-vacuum that plagues convention goers, hope to see you next year or maybe even at MCM!

Hi. Sorry to bother you but I was wondering with your SU prints, will you planning to do more, like the other gem fusions when they come out? I know you did Opal and the Crystal Gems but I would really like to see what Sugilite would look in your style. I think she would look pretty cool! Really love your artwork by the way!

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Probably not a full illustration but I may do Sugalite as a warmup someday :]