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Hey, I love your work! Would it be possible for you to make a post of Your top favorite professional comic book artist?

Asked by Anonymous

Oh god, this list will be stupidly long! Um, I’ll throw down a name and in brackets a good example of their work

  • Joe Madureira (Ultimates #3)
  • Stuart Immonen (Fear Itself)
  • Jim Cheung (Children’s Crusade)
  • Olivier Coipel (Siege)
  • Greg Capullo (New 52: Batman)
  • Leinil Yu (Secret Invasion)
  • Sarah Pichelli (Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man)
  • Rafa Sandoval (Ultimate Comics: Doomsday Trilogy)
  • Jim Lee (Batman Hush)
  • Marcus To (Red Robin)
  • Mike Deodato (Dark Avengers or anything actually.)
  • Marko Djurdjevic (Not sure if he counts since he’s mostly a cover artist)

Probably more I just can’t think of right now but that’s the gist of it.